Hal Sutton: America Is Not Producing Complete Players And The Ryder Cup Is Proof Of That

I'm a little surprised that golf.com chose to frame this excerpt from their Hal Sutton's interview with Alan Bastable as a Tiger-Phil-letting-us-down item, when it's clear the former Ryder Cup captain is saying the superstars have let us down in the Ryder Cup because there is too much for them to do.

Anyway, great to see Hal letting his feelings be known!

We've created some real superstars in the U.S. who have failed us when it comes to [the Ryder Cup]. They don't fail because they don't have enough talent; they fail because there's too much for them to do.

You mean Tiger and Phil?

Yeah. I mean Tiger's Ryder Cup record [13-14-2] is not very good at all, but everyone expects him to carry the team. He can't get but five points. That ain't gonna win it. So everyone else has got to perform. One of the reasons I think Europe is better than we are is they know more of the game. They have all the shots instead of half the shots. We've been playing the game in the air constantly. It's easier to learn how to play the game in the air than it is on the ground, so it's easier for them to learn to adapt to our style than it is for us to adapt to their style.

Of course after last week's Open Championship where Phil Mickelson won and Tiger Woods finished T6, while Hunter Mahan also played well, the Euros should stay away from links courses in the Ryder Cup. Oh wait, silly me, they only select venues based on maximum profitability!