Your Kneejerk Reactions: 2013 PGA Championship

It's hard to evaluate a tournament when you are watching an online (picture) feed sent to Apple TV with audio from another online feed listened through a Jambox (thanks Time Warner and CBS!), but it's hard to imagine this one would have been any more scintillating on live television. Brilliant ballstriking will do that, and Jason Dufner thankfully won this event instead of someone losing it because of the complete overreliance on rough as a hazard.

I hope this one is remembered for Dufner's great play and the sheer dreariness of watching a course with more dense rough than short grass. We were reminded yet again that skill is muted way too often when there is that much tall stuff. And in the case of the 5th hole, where tight grass fronted a creek, the contrived nature of it all.

On another note, I felt there was a better effort made on Sunday by CBS to minimize ads and promos, though seeing the Arena Bowl and next week's PGA Tour event get plugs had to be a first in major championship telecast history!

Either way, congrats to Dufner and let the Dufnering begin, again.