Commish Killjoy Strikes: Caddie Races Banned

Rex Hoggard with the news that the PGA Tour--looking to kill fun wherever it pops up out for caddie safety--has banned the harmless caddie races at Scottsdale and Colonial.

No doubt Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis heard some of the revelers behind the ropes were wagering on these races and demanded a crack down. Of course, he has no problem with them imbibing to the point they can't stand up!

But in it's place the tour has come up with a solution that isn't much fun and won't work anyway because it'd take about 30 cell towers to support the crowds involved.

Instead, organizers at the Waste Management Open will encourage fans on the par-3 16th hole to download an app on their smartphones that will allow them to guess which player out of a particular group will hit their tee shot closest to the hole.

“So there will be some fan interaction,” Pazder said.