Horton Smith's Green Jacket Up For Bid

Dave Kindred with the backstory on first Masters winner Horton Smith's green jacket--given to him retroactively by the club in 1949--going up for bid.

The auction is handled by who else, but Green Jacket Auctions.

"Of the so-called 'Original 10' jackets," Carey said, "all were accounted for except Smith's. We had kind of given up ever finding it."

Carey's company three years ago sold Doug Ford's 1957 green jacket for $62,967. Heritage Auctions two years ago sold a green jacket that may or may not have been worn by Bobby Jones for $310,700.

Lackovic, 76, a mortgage dealer in suburban Atlanta, and his brother, Tom, kept the Horton Smith jacket after the death of their mother, whose second husband had been Renshaw Smith, Horton's brother and also a professional golfer. On Horton Smith's death in 1963, the jacket passed to Renshaw, who died in 1971. For the 42 years since, the jacket has been in the Lackovic brothers' closets.

"We knew it was part of golf history," Michael Lackovic said. "But we never made a big deal out of it."