Video: Tiger Docked Two Strokes For Moving Ball

Maybe this is not the actual video reviewed by the rules staff, but I'm not sure based on the clip posted below that this is definitive evidence Tiger's ball moved when he was pulling away loose impediments. Granted the rules staff has access to something much better than a YouTube clip.

Either way, the incident occurred on the first hole of the BMW Championship and as Mark Lamport Stokes reports, Slugger White of the PGA Tour asked Woods not to sign his card before reviewing the video.

"I told him not to turn it in until I talked to him, and he looked at it, and clearly felt like the ball just oscillated," White told reporters. "It's pretty clear that the ball did move."

Asked how Woods had initially reacted when told of his two-stroke penalty, White replied: "He was a little disbelieving. How's that?"

In Will Gray's account that includes quite the comment section battle, he reveals how the violation was spotted.

White told Golf Channel's Todd Lewis that a freelance videographer noticed the ball possibly moving, told his boss, and his boss contacted Andy Pazder, the PGA Tour's chief of operations.

A Tour media official later said that a camera crew from PGA Tour Entertainment captured the video during their “normal process” of filming the round.

The video posted on YouTube by PGA Tour Entertainment:

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