Tiger Defiant: "I felt like the ball oscillated and that was it.

Doug Ferguson reports on Tiger's post-BMW Championship third round chat with the media.

Woods posted a 66 and lurks four back of Jim Furyk.

"As I said, from my vantage point, I thought it just oscillated and that was it," Woods said Saturday after shooting a 5-under 66 at Conway Farms. "They replayed it again and again and again. And I felt the same way."

Slugger White, vice president of competition for the PGA Tour, said Woods did not take the penalty easily.
"He was a little disbelieving. How's that?" White said Friday.

Woods did not argue with that description.

"I was pretty hot because I felt like nothing happened," Woods said. "I felt like the ball oscillated and that was it. I played the rest of the round grinding my tail off to get myself back in the tournament, and then go from five to seven behind. That was tough."

"We had a very good discussion," he said. "I'll end it at that."

Ferguson goes on to review Tiger's day with good buddy Sergio and Tiger's run-ins with the rules this year.

There was also this in Brian Wacker's PGATour.com account that got me thinking:

He wasn't issued that penalty until the following morning and began his round four shots back instead of just two. He went on to finish fourth.

"At Augusta after going through it on Saturday morning, yeah, I did take the wrong drop," Woods said. "But (Friday) I didn't feel like I did anything. I moved the pine cone right behind my ball. I feel like the ball oscillated, and I just left it. That's not -- evidently it wasn't enough."

Can anyone recall a player not agreeing with the rules staff's video interpretation of a situation in the HD era? I can't at the moment but I'm sure there has been one, though never as high-profile as this.

Considering Woods was on top of the ball while the camera was 20 or so yards away. And considering the PGA Tour loves to tout how their players willingly call penalties on themselves, this is certainly unprecedented in some respects. I'm just wondering if it's also unprecedented in the player defiance division?