Web.com Tour Finals: "Where's the drama?"

Dave Shedloski penned a feature in the latest Golf World on the Web.com Tour Finals, forever to be known by its acronym WTF (explained in his lede graph). You can try and read it here.

The excellent story quotes numerous players questioning the integrity of a system which, due to disproportionately higher purses compared to normal Web.com Tour events, rewards one top finish in the playoff events, with little incentive to play each week (sound familiar?).

The story doesn't event get into the WTF absurd timing, going against a full cupboard of more interesting sports events, including the FedExCup playoffs. Remember, it had to go now to fit in the calendar-year scheduling, which was driven by saving the four fall events. No dollar left behind!

However, it's the complete absence of drama compared to the now-defunct Q-School that elicits this best quotes, including this one from Will MacKenzie.

"If I'm looking at it from the outside, I'd be asking, 'Where's the drama?' There's not a lot of build-up, you know?"

And this from Tad Ridings on the Q-School contrast.

"They were worried about a guy getting hot for one week at Q-School and getting a card, but this deal, it's still lightning in a bottle. You finish third once and you're done. I don't see that the series is working as a series per se."

And this is what they're saying on the record. Imagine what they're saying in those "just between us girls" moments on the range?

By the way, the WTF is off this week. I know everyone already knew that, but just in case...