Flash: Rory McIlroy Names Rory McIlroy His New Agent

The long awaited split from Horizon Sports Management, a process that took as long the relationship itself, has ended with Rory McIlroy Incorporated picking up the Rory McIlroy account.

Let's hope there's a pre-nup. From BBC via an unbylined wire story:

A statement on his website on Friday read: "Rory McIlroy confirms he has terminated his contract with Horizon Sports Management and that the details of the termination are in the hands of a legal team led by A&L Goodbody in Dublin, Ireland.

"The golfer's business interests will from now on be managed by Rory McIlroy Incorporated. CEO of RMI will be Donal Casey, an actuary by profession with many years of CEO experience.

"The Rory Foundation for charity will be run by Barry Funston, a business leader and long-time friend of the McIlroy family. Both men will serve on the RMI Board, together with Gerry McIlroy [Rory's father]."