Torrey Pines North Project Still On Track, Details Still Sketchy

Tod Leonard files a report on the open bidding process for Torrey Pines North Course construction work as required by city law, a process that was quietly worked around for the architect selection that ultimately went to Phil Mickelson.

The cost of the project has nearly doubled with the addition of South Course work included, reports Leonard.

The cost of the project has nearly doubled from the original proposal, going from $6 million to $11.06 million.

The added costs, according Marney: $1 million for a fully upgraded North irrigation system; $2.8 million when the City Council voted that all projects should adhere to prevailing wage; $1.2 million added for further irrigation work on the South Course, which includes a water pump station to match a station on the North.

Marney said that doing the South work now will save costs, rather than creating an entirely separate project later.

If anyone has seen the hole-by-hole drawings online or in person, let us know. They seem to be a secret, which is unusual for a public project like this. Or any project.