WGHOFamer A.W. Tillinghast: A True Original

A.W. Tillinghast's long overdue induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame is celebrated by Bradley Klein, who puts the architect's career into perspective.

He puts Tillinghast in fine company:

Charles Blair Macdonald, Alister MacKenzie and Donald Ross. Together, in the two decades between the world wars, these four (certainly joined by other luminary designers) transformed the American sports landscape with a flair for the outrageous that continues to make the game a joy today.

I like to think that Tillinghast was so much more than an architect. His renaissance man skills didn't get him in the Hall of Fame, but they should have as I note in this Loop item paying tribute to Tillinghast and, less directly, to Frank Hannigan's (still) epic 1974 profile of Tillie.