Renovating TPC Scottsdale: Careful Please!

Working off of reports this week from Adam Lawrence and Matt Ginella, I pen a short Local Knowledge plea for Tom Weiskopf to tread carefully in renovating the TPC Scottsdale. Yes, it could get better and prettier, but there is also the potential to make it less appealing (as we've seen too many times when courses are renovated). The good news here is that Weiskopf is the original designer and understands the theatrical nature of the original design.

Meanwhile for those interested in a further study of the numbers, check out Peter Corbett's story from May of 2013 when citizens and officials were debating the funding of the next $15 million renovation.

The latest deal has prompted critics, citing the losses from operating the golf course, to pressure city officials to get a better deal for Scottsdale taxpayers.

Those critics, a loosely organized group of Scottsdale residents concerned about municipal spending, say the new agreement with PGA Tour Inc. to continue running TPC Scottsdale will be an additional drain on city coffers.

They also contend the city is providing an illegal subsidy to the PGA Tour by having Scottsdale residents pay for $15 million in renovations of the TPC Stadium Course and clubhouse starting next year.

Under the lease amendment, which was unanimously approved by the City Council in December, the PGA Tour will increase its fees paid to Scottsdale by $4 million over 20 years.