The Grandfather Part 2: Bishop, Finchem Make Final Plea

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and PGA of America President Ted Bishop popped in and out of the USGA Annual Meeting last weekend to make one final plea to grandfather in the anchored putting ban. It wasn't quite as touching as Tessio asking Tom Hagen for a free pass for old time's sake, but you have to give 'em points for taking time away from their schedules to give it one last shot.

Bishop tells Rex Hoggard that he feels better having made a try.

“We were trying to humanize the request for the grandfather period. This was a continuation of what we asked back in July,” Bishop said. “My understanding is they will take a look at it and get back to us with a response.”

Bishop, who was scheduled to fly to Sochi on Monday to attend the Olympics, said USGA officials didn’t give him a timeline on when they would respond to his request.

“Personally I feel better. I feel we gave it the best shot we could give it,” Bishop said. “We tried to convey a compelling reason why this doesn’t do any harm to the game going forward.”