Video: Halftime 95-Footer By First Timer

Joel Erickson explains that not only had Patrick Burch never been to a college basketball game when he got the chance to win $15,000 toward a new car by sinking a long putt. And he has never played golf either.

So of course he drained a 90-footer from baseline-to-baseline.

According to an Auburn official, Burch will get $15,000 from Lynch Toyota toward the purchase of a new car -- the dealership has some options under that amount -- or $15,000 toward a more expensive model. Taking cash is not an option.

In the first few minutes after his putt went sailing through the hole, Burch had no idea what he'd do with a brand-new vehicle once he picked up his winnings.

And the best part about Burch's miracle putt?

He doesn't even golf.

"Nope," Burch said. "I don't even putt-putt very well."

The video: