"Bubba Watson is a puzzle of a golfer and a person."

Tod Leonard watched Bubba Watson win in dramatic fashion at Riviera and also saw a golfer all over the map with his emotions. Sometimes covering the gamet from tee to green.

In particular, Leonard takes issue with Watson acting like a "petulant child" with "whiny" ways on the course.

Reaction: Either have your caddie give you yardages and reads or don’t. But you’re the athlete. It’s your career. Take credit when you’re great and responsibility when it doesn’t work out.
Yet, this was the same caddie who looked blissfully happy holding and tickling young Caleb Watson while daddy signed his winning scorecard on Sunday. It’s a working marriage. Scott obviously has made peace with it.

Sitting at a table, providing the winner’s signature for Northern Trust flags on Sunday evening, Watson explained of his up and down emotions: “When you have a rough day … it’s really not pouting. It’s how much focus do you really put on it. Sometimes we lose focus, we get frustrated and think the world’s going to end. We think our golf game isn’t good enough.”

It’s a forthright admission, probably to be appreciated in its own way.