Vijay Gets Key Ruling, Lawyers Win!

The seemingly inevitable out of court settlement may be one step closer as Judge Eileen Bransten ruled that while Vijay Singh did sign up for most of the tour regulations related to the drug policy THAT HE VIOLATED, she sided with Singh on some players receiving different treatment, ensuring several hundred thousand more dollars in legal fees.

Doug Ferguson reports.

Rex Hoggard talks to Vijay's attorney and notes where he lost:

The court also sided with Singh – who sued the circuit last May following a brief suspension due to a violation of the Tour’s anti-doping program – over the Tour’s argument that because he agreed to the anti-doping program by signing his membership renewal form he was not entitled to further legal relief.

“Membership renewal forms addressing arbitration and waiver of judicial review do not provide a basis for dismissing the remaining causes of action,” Bransten wrote. “. . . (Singh’s) lack of recourse under the terms of the program further supports the conclusion that the doctrine of judicial noninterference is inapplicable.”