Muzilitniacki: Time For Caroline To Stop Walking Inside The Ropes

It was one thing when then-girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki walked inside the ropes during Sherwood's World Challenge. Rory McIlroy was stinking it up and his world ranking points allotment wasn't going to change if he made a few birdies coming in.

Of course, when I saw the prettier half of the since-engaged Wozilroy chat him up on the 16th tee during the Saturday round this year, he pumped one way right of the creek and you'd think she might have gotten the message.

In the past she's gotten so close to his golf that the former World No. 1 tennis player has had to duck to avoid getting whapped in the head by her man's 460cc driver.

Still, as Rory was trying to win on the European Tour for the first time in a while, this was noted by Bob Harig at

But McIlroy played the first nine holes without a birdie while Gallacher was struggling, allowing a slew of players back into the tournament.

Wozniacki met him inside the ropes at the 10th hole -- a rather bizarre development to occur during the course of a sporting event, and she followed him for most of the tournament. He then bogeyed the par-5 hole, one of the easiest on the course.

Now Caroline, since no one apparently wants to tell you, I'll be the bearer of tough love here.

You can't do this.

Shocking as it may seem, this is an athletic competition. Just like Rory can't sit behind your chair, give you hugs and kisses during changeovers, and ask questions about the wedding while you're competing, we have unwritten rules in golf: no WAGS inside the ropes unless it's a Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup or other team events where we openly welcome the theater that is WAG intervention.

You were lucky this time, the photographers (at least at Getty) didn't capture this embarrassing exhibition. But going forward, stay outside the ropes and away from your man. Trust me, it'll help his game.