USGA Prez: Non-conforming Initiatives "Perfectly okay with us"

Great and logical answer from new USGA President Tom O'Toole today about initiatives to introduce larger cups and non-conforming equipment to golf.

Speaking at a media session during the Annual Meeting at Pinehurst:

Q. This is for Tom. I wonder if you could talk a little bit about the USGA's perspective on the movement to have -- play outside the rules for beginners, alternative golf formats. How does the USGA look upon that when the goal is to help grow the game?

TOM O'TOOLE, JR. : Well, there have been some initiatives recently and one currently that contemplate larger holes and different implements in balls. You know, our view is that if these programs or these initiatives will ultimately draw people to our game, then that's a good thing. We're not going to call them golf, nor are we going to bring them in our governing of what we do in golf, nor will we have them operate under our golf rules, equipment standards.
So I think some of these things that would enhance or entice people to play golf by playing a different game, that's perfectly okay with us.

Here's a link to USGA coverage of the chat, along with video of O'Toole and Executive Director Mike Davis talking.