"PGA Of America Launches Task Force To Accelerate Growth Of The Game Through Non-Traditional Means"

For those of you counting at home, it only took one sentence before the dreaded millenial reference.

It's certainly a diverse group they've assembled, with Bode Miller and Tom Dundon of Top Golf the names that leap out. And good to see Mark King of Taylor Made putting his time in too.

But it's a tough time to launch a task force with this one out on the streets saving people from their outdated drivers. Maybe King can get these millenial friendly officers involved?

For Immediate Release:

Ten-person team to develop and evaluate innovative concepts to drive participation
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – In response to the changing face of America and downward participation trends, the Board of Directors of the PGA of America has announced the creation of a PGA Task Force to grow the game through non-traditional means.  Comprised of a diverse group of millennial, multicultural, female, industry, and non-industry experts united in their common interest to grow the game, the Task Force will develop and evaluate non-traditional concepts harnessing the unmatched network of the 27,000 men and women PGA Professionals.
“There is nothing that I have been part of to-date that is more important and has greater opportunity,” PGA of America President Ted Bishop said.  “The golf experience needs to be redefined.  For many people the traditional 18-hole round simply doesn’t work.  With the industry at a critical juncture of growth it is our responsibility to consider any and all potential alternatives to enhance the consumer’s enjoyment of the game.”
Members of the Task Force include Arlen Kantarian, who while CEO spearheaded the USTA’s efforts to reverse downward participation trends of tennis; Mark King, CEO of TaylorMade-adidas Golf and recent architect of HackGolf.org, which the commission will utilize to crowd source many of these cutting-edge concepts; Bode Miller, who helped spark a resurgence of skiing as the winningest American skier; and Damon Hack, recent entrant to the game and co-host of Morning Drive on the Golf Channel.
These four will be joined by Editor of Audience Engagement at Golf Digest Ashley Mayo; part owner of the innovative golf experience Top Golf Tom Dundon; former NFL player Melvin Bullitt; former LPGA Professional and PGA Board Member Dottie Pepper; CEO of the PGA of America, Pete Bevacqua; and PGA President Bishop.
Although this PGA-led Task Force will maintain a long-term lens, its efforts will focus on developing concepts that can be quickly actioned against and implemented by PGA Professionals and the industry at large.