Masters Mood Guide: Music Edition

I say Masters, you hear Dave Loggins' piano playing on a Thursday afternoon for the first time in a year.

Okay, some of us are more warped mentally than others, so to kick off a series of Local Knowledge posts leading up to the Masters, I offer this simple music guide to all things Masters music.

Yes, if you call me right now the ringtone is set to the Loggins theme and my text sound is the Verne Lundquist "Yes Sir," but I promise that's as far as I've taken. Oh right, the phone case is a Masters case too.

Anyway, my suggestions on a playlist to get you in a musically Masters mood ranges from Augusta natives James Brown and Lady Antebellum to 50s jazz to Willie Nelson to golf crooner Billy Mac.

And you might find it odd, but I recommend most stay away from the Loggins theme to ensure goosebumps on Thursday April 10th when ESPN's coverage commences.