Bubba's Next & Last Surprise Visit: Morning Drive

Only the Masters champion's agent was scheduled to come by Golf Channel Drive to map out a future Bubba visit with talent coordinator extraordinaire Courtney Holt. At around 4 am, producer Aaron Bearden had confirmed via phone that a typical Tuesday show was a go with coordinating producer Jeff Neubarth. Around the show's 7 am start in front of the studio, a rental car pulled up with Bubba Watson and agent Jens Beck arriving in Beck's rental. Moments later, Neubarth got the call from Holt to come in on his day off because Bubba was on Golf Channel property and wearing the Green Jacket.

Neubarth raced to the studio while Bubba hung out in the control room with the production team. He made no demands and just waited for the show to throw out their playbook, rearrange some chairs, pay a few bills and put a mike on the Masters champion. They sent him down the hall at 7:15.

"You always have to be ready in live TV," said Neubarth. "It's why we love our jobs."

Ryan Lavner summarizes the best insights from Bubba's multiple segments, including how he needed help putting on 18, the story behind his high-five fest en route to the scorecard signing, the reasoning for no further media tour beyond today's appearance on Morning Drive, his defense of Jordan Spieth's behavior Sunday and another reference to the inspiration he took from the Drive, Chip and Putt.

“This is an inspiration. The game of golf, it grew on Sunday. It grew when these kids were there. … It’s going to grow more when families get involved, when parents spend more time with their child (on the course). It’s going to grow y’all closer together. The game is frustrating, but they’re learning together.”

Here's his sit-down with Damon Hack and Kelly Tilghman (note neither has cards with questions or notes…confirmation this was spontaneous!).

The sitdown segment:

Talking Greenbrier, Drive-Chip-Putt and Bagdad.

The inevitable tears, induced by Rosaforte.

The gang talking to Bubba about a few more topics, including video shot of his son whapping a drive.