AK Is Alive, Not Playing Golf, But Not Living In A Box Either

In his weekly Hawk's Nest column, John Hawkins uses the return this week to Quail Hollow and the Wells Fargo Championship to ask what has happened to Anthony Kim, who blew a field away by five in 2008 at the event. Kim hasn't played the PGA Tour since the 2012 Wells Fargo when he withdrew after an opening 74.

On the two year anniversary of AK's disappearance, Hawkins talks to Kim's IMG agent about his whereabouts and status. Clarke Jones denies that Kim was ever suspended by the PGA Tour, but also reveals that Kim is not playing much golf these days.

In search of something resembling context, I asked Jones if Kim was playing any golf, even recreationally.

Doesn’t sound like much of a comeback, if you ask me. “He’s not living under a bridge, he’s not living in a box,” Jones added. “I’m going to go see him [in Texas] in a few weeks, and at that point, I’ll get a better definition of where he stands.”