PGA Of America Still Eyeing Winter Or Spring For 2020 PGA

Hank Gola talked to PGA CEO Pete Bevacqua and PGA President Ted Bishop about the coming mess with the Olympics around the Open Championship and PGA. It continues to sound like things are on course for a very different PGA date in 2020.

Gola says Valhalla is slated for the 2020 PGA, but I couldn't find any listing confirming that though the old guard PGA would probably have it slated since the organization owns this year's PGA Championship host. But regarding moving overseas in 2020, Bishop says:

"As we move forward after 2016, we have to look at the timing of our championship, we have to look at what we have to do in an Olympic year so that it has the stature that it should have," echoed PGA president Ted Bishop. "To Pete's credit, it's one of the reasons he's been so proactive in looking into the future in terms of an international PGA. It could be that it makes sense to play that International PGA at a point in late winter maybe somewhere else other than the United States to put it in a position on the calendar where it in fact does have relevance."