1-In-5.7-Million: Aces On Back-To-Back Days

Many thanks to reader Alexandra for this stellar Joe Avento story on Dean McPherson, who made two aces in 24 hours, one with a PW and another with a hybrid (and with witnesses). Both came at Tennessee’s Johnson City Country Club.

Avento writes:

Saturday’s ace came at the seventh hole, and the ball took a little turn on a hill on the green before falling. The 4-hyrbid shot went 180 yards. Steve Myers, Tyler Larsen and Arch Jones witnessed the ace.

“We all talked it in,” McPherson said. “We were talking to it the whole way. It actually paused for a second on the side before we saw it tip over.

“I was like ‘There’s no way this is happening twice,’ ” he said.

McPherson said his buddies’ reactions were what made it such a special occasion. They threw their clubs in the air to celebrate the unlikely feat.

“When I turned around, seeing their faces was were as cool as seeing the ball going in,” he said. “We all threw our clubs in the air. If we had a video, we could sell it.”

Jones was about to hit next, so he had a club in one hand and a tee and ball in the other. He threw them all in celebration.

“I had to go find everything before I could hit,” he said. “It was really something.”