Books: Golf, Sand And Pinehurst

Walking around Pinehurst tonight before the mayhem breaks out Monday and through the next two weeks, I was reminded of what a singular gathering place it is for fans of architecture, history and Southern ambiance. As the U.S. Open(s) unfold, I'm pretty sure you'll want to learn more about the place. I know I'm already looking forward to reading more after the next two (hopefully) dynamic weeks.

If you're here, there's no question where to go: Tom Stewart's Old Sport & Gallery, which I wrote about for's The Loop and why the shop anchors the Village of Pinehurst.

There are three recently released or re-released books which should quench your thirst for all things Pinehurst architecture. We discussed Chris Buie’s The Early Days of Pinehurst on State of the Game last week, and now Ron Whitten reviews Richard Mandell’s definitive Pinehurst tome, The Legendary Evolution Of Pinehurst.  He also touches on George Waters’ Sand and Golf: How Terrain Shapes the Game. Waters worked on the restoration of Pinehurst and has been part of many other fine projects over the last decade.

What I love about all three books: while inspired by Pinehurst they each take on different focuses and each does its own part to contribute to the lore of the Sandhills.