Final Day At Hoylake: Live Chat, The Open Comment Thread

Does Rory run away, does he fold, is it dull, holding pattern golf?

Why is he wearing pink-trimmed shoes? Questions and more questions.

The early scoring suggests no shortage of birdies are available to the rain-drenched Hoylake, so sit back and enjoy fast play and lots of red numbers.

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At 9 am ET I'm chatting live at, but here's the chat below:

Live Blog British Open Live Final Round Chat

Course setup notes below. Note the extra work to get the greens sped up.

Weather (provided on site by the Met Office)

Saturday: Significant risk of thundery activity today, but with occasional lulls, these expected between 0600-1000, then 1400-2000, although risk won’t disappear completely. The situation will be closely monitored and thunderstorm level warnings issued appropriately. Outside of any thundery activity some bright or sunny spells will develop. During spells of thundery activity, there will be some heavy rain and gusty winds, otherwise winds will be light. Max temp 21C but still feeling rather humid.

Fairways and Rough

  • Fairways cut at 11mm
  • First cut (semi) rough (approximate width 2.5 metres) cut at 38mm (daily)
  • Second cut of rough (approximate width 4.5 metres) cut in early June and has been allowed to go to seed


The greens were double cut last night at 3.5mm and triple cut this morning at 3.5mm to reduce the impact of yesterday's heavy rain on today's pace. The greens were also rolled this morning. The greens are running at 11 feet but the moisture in the greens will result in the growth during the day, so there will be slight reduction in pace during the afternoon.


Approaches double cut at 7mm and rolled, and have the same average firmness as the greens.

Additional information

Links Manager - Craig Gilholm. 40 greenstaff for the Championship. Royal Liverpool permanent staff of 11 supplemented by staff from local clubs, other Open venues and R&A greenkeeping scholars

Total Course Yardage for Round One (tee marker settings to flagstick)

7281 yards (as compared to the full yardage of 7312 yards)