Monty: Langer And I Could Score A Foursomes Point For Euros

Sounds like Monty was in fine form at Royal Porthcawl as the Senior Open Championship kicks off. In the past I might would have lampooned the Captain Emeritus for daring to suggest some of the geezers could help the European Ryder Cup team, but it's hard to argue with him as Langer keeps going, Jimenez is as good as ever and Monty could hold his own with the flatbellies after two senior major wins.

James Corrigan reports for the excellent Telegraph, which I read cover to cover today on my last day in the UK and will miss holding in my hands for another year!

Anyway, Monty on holding their own...for morning foursomes, anyway before afternoon nap time sets in.

“If Langer and I were paired together in the foursomes, we’d feel we could bring a point home for Europe,” Montgomerie said. “We’d need to sit out the fourballs though – we’d be knackered.

“But it is definitely a possibility for a 50-year-old-plus to play and compete.

"Tom Watson proved it at the Open in 2009 and I’m so looking forward myself to playing in the USPGA Championship in a few weeks. If I can play the way I did in the last round of the Senior PGA and the first round of the US Senior Open – two 65s – then I can compete at Valhalla.”

Regarding Porthcawl, this is Wales' big shot at attracting an Open Championship. While the chances are remote now that Portrush is schedule to join the rota at some point, the early reviews from players have been of the rave variety.

Philip Golding, who won the European Senior Tour's Speedy Services Wales Senior Open last year, gives this course overview.

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