Ranking Unveiled To Remind Us Olympic Golf Is Happening

Rex Hoggard first broke it and now he explains in further depth the new ranking to be officially released next week which will essentially keep a week-by-week listing of who will make the 2016 Rio Games where they hope to play golf for the first time since 1904 and hopefully, on the golf course constructed for the games by Gil Hanse. Hopefully.

Hoggard wonders:

The idea is to provide players, media and fans a weekly update of the Olympic field, but the rankings may leave some wondering if golf will be playing for gold in Rio or some watered-down World Golf Championship trophy.

By design, the selection process to earn a spot in Rio casts a wide net. A country can have up to four players qualify for the ’16 Games if they are ranked within the top 15 on July 11, 2016, the deadline for both fields. After that the fields will be filled out with the highest-ranked players with a maximum of two players per country.

While infinitely inclusive, the process promises to create fields that will cause a few double takes.

Naturally, I'm all for the attempt to get more countries involved. I'm not for then turning them loose in 72-hole stroke play. Because of No. 320 where to give No. 1 a run, suddenly you have something compelling. Over four days that's less likely.

The ranking is a splendid idea for building interest and debate, however, and while Hoggard is right that it may undercut the credibility of golf in the Games, I suspect the debate will actually spike interest that has been lacking because it feels like the WGC South Of The Equator Bridgestone.