Lupica: "Guys like Finchem forget that they’re supposed to be caretakers of a public trust."

Mike Lupica takes the PGA Tour to task for their handling of the Dustin Johnson situation and scores some valid points in a mess that's long been coming for a Commissioner who never wanted drug testing in the first place. And, who believes golfers as never breaking any kind of rules, laws or codes of conduct, when they are just as human as the rest of the population.

In trying to cover up a rare situation with a golfer failing drug tests, Lupica says the tour has actually brought more bad publicity their way than had they handled this with more transparency.

He writes:

You know why they look like they’re hiding something? Because they are. Not in the interests of protecting Johnson or his reputation, but because they think that the truth about how everybody arrived at this moment is really, really bad for business. You can only imagine the hand-wringing from Finchem back in the day when they found out Tiger Woods had been treated by Dr. Anthony Galea.

These guys somehow think they can protect the Tour’s brand and image by acting this way. Only now they do the opposite. This is a sport that loves to talk, often incessantly, about its honor and its adherence to the rules, and how players routinely call penalties on themselves for infractions only they see.

How about Finchem does that to himself now?

Lupica took to the Sports Reporters to discuss this as well, but the video is not posted online.