Ogilvy On Struggling With Your Game, Pre-Barracuda Win

In light of Geoff Ogilvy’s win Sunday at Reno, Golf Australia has posted the recent column about his struggles and what pressures professionals face when things aren’t so great.

Ogilvy writes:

Conversely, the worse you play, the more you need to play well, which is the ultimate cruelty. I can go into the locker room at almost any tournament and observe the varying levels of stress in players. Those playing well are cruising along, calling their private jets to take them to the next tournament. The guys who are struggling are looking miserable and kicking things across the room. And there is everything else between those two extremes. It’s amazing to see.

On the PGA Tour, a loss of form becomes mostly a self-perception thing. After a period of success, the financial side of the business is less of an issue for most guys. But playing poorly is a blow to the ego if nothing else. Plus, the desire to play well never goes away. The better you do, the more fun it becomes. Playing badly is no fun, which is another great irony. I play my best golf when I’m having fun. But when I’m playing poorly I have less fun. Yet the best way to play better is to have more fun. Work that one out.