Billy Horschel's Playoff Haul: $13,477,333

John Strege on Billy Horschel's cash haul for an excellent run of golf and Johnny Miller's suggestion that a star was born the last few weeks. And just in time to give Team USA a needed...oh wait, sorry.

Anyway, the best of all? Horschel didn't wheel any stuff out about one day at a time or it's about titles, not the money. Despite the impression the extreme-preppy outfits might give, Horschel says he comes from a blue collar world and will gladly take FedEx, Coca Cola and BMW's money.

It adds to $13,477,333 in the span of two weeks, but the payoff ultimately could be substantially larger by virtue of his confidence now equal to his talent.

“Billy Horschel, I’m not sure you’re not seeing a star in the making,” NBC’s Johnny Miller said. “This is not a fluke. The guy is just good. He hits a decent distance. He’s accurate. The irons are fantastic.

Meanwhile, the PGA Tour Playoffs got even less play than normal without Tiger and set against a sports backdrop with big NFL news, the usual early season marquee football games and all-but-one close divisional race (how 'bout them Angels!), it's pretty clear in year eight that the sponsors of these events are not getting value commensurate with what they are ponying up. Despite the cum-ulative audience rising (according to the Commish) the ratings are weak because there is almost no chance to compete this time of year. The audience might be there in a few weeks after the initial football euphoria has calmed down and baseball is largely played at night, but common sense says the playoffs would have a better chance a month later.'s roundup of the week didn't have much nice to say about these playoffs. And not because of the play or the performances, which were as good or better than any year with a winner who sees his life changed by a month of amazing golf. But instead, their issues are with timing and the Ryder Cup selection cutoffs.