“Have we Irish died and gone to golf heaven?”

Karl MacGinty of the Independent files an expansive celebration of all things Irish golf, starting with McIlroy, touching on McDowell and Lowry, then finishes with Captain McGinley.

And this message to Team USA...

America had gone the opposite way with Watson. Their aim was to end 'captaincy by consensus', erroneously thought to be a factor in the stunning reverse suffered by Davis Love and his team in 2012.

One didn't have to wait until Sunday and Phil Mickelson's post-match criticism of his captain to realise how much out of touch Watson was. Key errors with his pairings said it all.

Ironically, with five current Tour stars on the 11-man Task Force, the PGA of America now clearly acknowledges the importance of working with the players. It was a lesson hard-learned.

Yet America would have a better chance of emerging from crisis if they stopped bellyaching about their own shortcomings and fully acknowledged the class shown by McGinley and his team.