Ogilvy On Kapalua, Strategic Tour Courses

PGATour.com's Brian Wacker talks to Geoff Ogilvy about the amazing job Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw did in making a golf course work on the Kapalua site.

There is also a fun follow up regarding tour courses.

PGATOUR.COM: Where does it rank among courses you play on TOUR?

OGILVY: "It’s one of the elite eight or nine courses on TOUR. It holds its own and more, and considering the land it’s built on it’s arguably the best on TOUR. It’s probably the best use of land anywhere. To get a playable course that any standard of golfer can play on that land in that place is incredible. Anyone else would have messed it up."

PGATOUR.COM: What do you look for in a course?

OGILVY: "There are two important things: Aesthetics -- it has to be natural looking with good contrasts and good-looking to the eye; and strategically interesting -- there have to be reasons why you play holes certain ways. There are probably 25 better short par 4s than the 10th at Riviera, but it is infinitely interesting to play. You can go for the green, play it short. There’s no right or wrong way. It’s amazing how few courses we play that have strategic interest. The top courses in the world all have that characteristic."