World Long Drive Is Back! Cue The Vagaries Of Match Play Talk!

Actually, other than the defending champion, the other top seeds have made it through to tonight's round of 16 in the World Long Drive Championship. (Golf Channel airs live the next two nights from 9-11 ET.)

While the Oklahoma casino setting isn't exactly the stuff dreams are made from, the new format of a 64-man match play field should have the players in a better one-one-one mindset when the TV lights go on. In previous years when they were asked to compete in qualifying, followed by match play and there was a sense that players were asked to have two very distinct mindsets.

In this week's Forward Press looking at golf for October 20-25, I explore some of the dreams going forward with this event when Golf Channel takes over for founder Art Sellinger, but spare you my view that Long Drive would make a better Olympic sport than stroke play golf.