Ernie Els Has A Plausible Explanation For That Epic Yip

The problem was clearly solved by an outgoing 31 and third round 66 leaving him T8 headed into the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship final round at The Old Course.

John Strege with the explanation, which is a big red flag for anyone thinking of going the counterweight route to help their putting.

“I made an adjustment, obviously,” he said regarding his move up the leaderboard. “The putter I used on Thursday is a longer putter. It has the counterweight. It’s got weight in the grip and weight in the head. I was a little bit jumpy, to be honest with you. I don’t even want to see it. I knew what it felt like. It was a disaster. So I went to my other putter, a shorter putter, a 35-inch putter and all the weight’s in the head. I feel I can get the putter head through to the hold easier. The other one didn’t want to move past the ball.

Golf Central Daily posted the full video of Els explaining what backfired.

So we can now relive this horror knowing it was all the product of a bad putter setup.