Congrats And Enjoy Tour Grads (For One Week)!

The worst-conceived sports calendar on the planet wrapped up Sunday with Emiliano Grillo taking the Tour Championship to earn a PGA Tour card in 2015-16.

Tim Finchem's brainchild of finishing the season in October and starting it again in October, as $upported by his employers (the players), now has a week off. That's before the madness begins at the Open, where the newest members of the PGA Tour would be wise to appear, even if they've played something like 11 of the last 13 weeks.

"I've played 11 tournaments in 13 weeks and I'm tired," Tom Gillis said Friday after withdrawing midway through the Tour Championship. "I want to see my family. I'll be back for the tournament in Jackson (Mississippi)."

Gillis, who lost to Jordan Spieth in the John Deere Classic playoff, did not have to complete the Tour Championship to ensure his 2015-16 card. Nonetheless, when players are burning out and being asked to turn around and start all over again, or pulling out of the playoff championship, is this really a quality product being put out by the PGA Tour?

Not that emotion was lacking, as John Strege noted, but compared to the annual event that was Q-School, the Tour Championship is not really coming close to registering.

BTW the 50 who are..."slotted in the Tour eligibility ranking (1-50)":

Remember, instead of a natural January to October calendar, the PGA Tour went to this calendar-year debac;e to supposedly save the four fall events, none of which will be seen by more people than before when they were off-the-radar tour events. As we head into a cramped 2016 calendar, it's worth remembering that the only reason to have gone to this model is for the enrichment of players and executives. Nothing about it makes sense if making the PGA Tour a better viewing "product" is the goal.