Kickstarter Or Something ASAP: The Duf Plaque at Oak Hill

"Positively frightening" is how Alex Myers put it at and who is going to argue with that assessment of Jason Dufner's Oak Hill plaque commemorating his 2013 PGA win.

To put it another way, you know it's bad when the person who the plaque is based on Instagram's a photo of himself with a Lord Of The Rings character.

Reader Charlie saw the Myers item and suggested that we need to do something. While normally I would say that there are bigger issues in the world--Syrian refugees, Biblical South Carolina storms, Oak Hill calling itself a Donald Ross design--the sheer horror of this plaque requires immediate and bold action.

Look, I'm a lover of golf history. Not depicting things accurately bothers me, but this calls for special measures. After all, Duf has shed a few pounds, cleaned up his look, and definitely does not resemble Laura Davies with dark hair (as the artist apparently thought).

Charlie's rallying cry: Dat Ain't Duf!

The post from Dufner his ownself: