Happy John Peterson Had A Prominent Co-Conspirator!

Lost in the joy over John Peterson going all Happy Gilmore to kick off his CIMB Classic final round: Jason Dufner was the lone shooter of this defiant act.

The question stands: will the PGA Tour Fines Dept, LLC be calling to inform Duf that a portion of his winnings will be donated to charity because he knew of this stunt and didn't stop it, or for violating the PGA Tour's policy of shooting video during tournament action.

His case with the Fines Dept. will be weak since Dufner was Instagramming a few photos of Peterson from the week in Malaysia. So Jason, we are hear for you. If we need to Kickstarter this to pay off the fine, do not hesitate to reach out.

Alex Myers at GolfDigest.com with the lowdown on Peterson's joyous act that will no doubt be seen by Commissioner Finchem as an all-out act of terrorism. And here it is, shot from the grassy knoll to the stunned silence of the crowd (not that this was atypical reaction to any shot played in the CIMB):