Van Sickle's Letter From Tour Second Stage Q-School

SI/'s Gary Van Sickle checks in from Tour second stage Q-School where his son Mike was paired with former U.S. Amateur Champ Bubba Dickerson and 2014 NCAA individual champion Cameron Wilson.

While we enjoy the glitz and glamour of big time PGA Tour golf, it's nice/sobering/interesting to hear from the trenches and Van Sickle collects a mix of anecdotes about Dickerson and his son. There is also this, in case you have any ideas...

Mike, 28, and a Pittsburgh resident, is a big hitter and said his drivers typically last less than a year before the face caves in.

"Who makes Thor’s hammer, I don’t remember that ever cracking," Mike joked. "I check my driver pretty closely during the year because of that and I try not to hit too many range balls with it. Because of that, I had a backup driver ready to come in from the bullpen, or the back of my car. The one that broke today made it well past the ‘best by’ date so I’ve been checking it pretty carefully."

He’ll be trolling online to see if there are any more 9° Classic 290 drivers on the market. Other than that, he had a quiet day. The pins at Southern Hills Plantation were in the toughest spots in three days and a stiffening breeze made the closing holes a little more challenging.