Nine Days Of Christmas: Two Epic St. Andrews Books

I'll be blunt: I'm was kind of over coffee table books. They're big, they're bulky and rarely do they really resonate. That was, until the two epics on St. Andrews published this year.

I can almost guarantee that barring some nice family member asking what you want and making the effort, one of these two books will not be under the tree on Christmas morning. But that's why we have the internet and this holiday gift suggestion list.

Roger McStravick's St. Andrews In the Footsteps Of Old Tom Morris is easily the richest visual history of early golf. The clarity of the early imagery and Roger's sense for what was important to include make this an amazing trip back in time when a small group of golfers had an inkling that they were onto something.

Just seeing many of the early landmark locations in golf and the people who devoted themselves to refining the sport will make you proud to be a golfer. McStravick discussed the book with us earlier this year, and you can buy any of the three editions here, with the softcover starting at sixty pounds.

Josh Evenson's Links To St Andrews is one big love letter of sorts, with a wide range of contributors sharing stories of all kinds related to the town, the courses and the people who made it the Home of Golf. But beyond that, the book quietly tells the history of golf art right up to the present with works commissioned for the book. And thanks to incredible production values, joins the many historic pieces displayed as a work of art itself. This will look excellent in your vacation estates throughout the globe.

You can order the book here and also check out this PDF sampler.

We talked to Josh on Morning Drive about the book, and also looked at the evolution of golf art.