Nine Days Of Christmas: Lee Wybranski's Major Art

Longtime readers know I'm a huge fan of Lee Wybranski's commemorative posters that are available at three of the four majors). Wybranski's pieces combine the atmospheric 1930's railway art vibe while adding necessary modern touches to provide us the ideal keepsake from major championships.

Lee's 2013 Open Championship poster from Muirfield has been a favorite in my office, aided in part by the special week that unfolded.

As we all know, some majors are better than others, which is why this is a great time to go through Lee's page of past major posters for weeks that were special to you or a friend (there are also some fun surprises in the form of course maps and select amateur events like the 2005 Walker Cup).

There is no better way to liven up your man-cave or office walls with a Wybranski major championship piece from an event you attended or remember fondly. (His 2016 Oakmont poster is now available too).

If you enter the code GEOFF at checkout, he'll give you 20% off any of the posters for sale on his site, including the signed art.

Merry Christmas!

And thanks to Lee for offering a discount on his art work.