Engaged Couple Wins Victorian Opens On Same Day

Thanks to reader Ken for The Age's Matt Murname with the story of Richard Green and Marianne Skarpnord winning the men's and women's Victorian Open running concurrently at Thirteenth Beach Golf Club.

Green aced a par-4 while cameras were running earlier in the week.

"I really think it's fascinating that we've both done it (win)," said Green, who with Skarpnord has just bought a house at Thirteenth Beach. "It's great for the tournament.

"The format of this tournament is amazing and I really hope it kicks off some interest in other tournaments around the world because it's a great atmosphere. Having the girls around, they're great players and they create just as good an environment."

We talked about this format on State of The Game last week in light of the forthcoming Olympics and the just announced U.S. Senior Women's Open, which we had intended to kick around on this morning's Morning Drive.

Wouldn't it be fun if the US Senior Opens ended on the same day at the same course? And same with the men's and women's Olympic golf stroke play. So that week two could be used for a proper team event!

Just dreaming...