PGA Tour Resists Blood Testing Due To Performance Effects!?

While one can make a case for the PGA Tour's aversion to drug testing over the years since image is sales point #1, their case for not moving to blood testing is tied to performance impact, reports SI's Pete Madden.

Without blood testing, there is no way to detect the use of HGH, easily the most attractive possibility for a golfer seeking to recover faster from injuries or simply to look as young as Dr. Galea, Tiger's rehab man of choice. Though as of May that testing will take place because of the Olympics. Still, the reason for no blood testing obtained by Madden from Andy Levinson of the Tour is pretty funny. Especially since drug testing occurs after rounds.

“Taking blood draws from golfers’ arms might impact performance if it caused a hematoma or a player suffered anemia given the fine motor skills required on certain golf shots,” Levinson said.

And WADA isn't buying it. Never a good thing.

David Howman, WADA's director general, was skeptical of the PGA Tour’s rationale on not blood testing athletes.

“We’re not talking about a transfusion,” Howman said. “It’s a very small amount of blood. If any of the arguments against collecting blood had strong scientific or medical rational, I think we would have heard about it long before now.”