The Chambers Bay Scouting Begins...

As the golf world wrestles with Mike Davis' declaration that those who do not pre-scout Chambers Bay rule themselves out of winning the world's most democratic major, a few players have either shown up at the course or talked to those who have.

The early reviews are guarded. Or worse.

Henrik Stenson ended up walking the course, reports Doug Ferguson in his AP notes column.

"I just felt like coming off six hours flying in the morning, to go straight out there and start playing when you don't know where you're going wasn't the best thing," Stenson said. "A lot of times, I feel you can get more out of walking. I'll have plenty of time to try it out in June."

Until he actually plays Chambers Bay, the Swede is reserving judgment.

"It was interesting," he said. "There is quite the elevation drops on a few of the holes. It looks like links with quite severe green areas and some big drop-offs. It could be fairly low scoring if the weather is good, and it could be brutal if the wind blows. It will be more easy to give a final say once I've played it."

Ian Poulter took to Twitter and was roasted for sharing what he'd heard from other players, which was unfortunate since Poulter made clear he had not come to a conclusion in subsequent Tweets.