Video: The Honorary Starters Kick Off The 2015 Masters

Arnold Palmer fought off his separated shoulder to kick off the 2015 Masters. The highlight of the week for so many was carried out with a huge crowd of the most devoted patrons and media under sunny skies.

With Palmer's uncertainty there was an added tension, but The King came through: 

Ryan Herrington notes some of the jokes made by the Big Three. The Big Lead has a great Getty shot of Gary Player doing a high-kick.

Johnny Miller was one of the many players who came to see the honorary starters (Bubba Watson, Keegan Bradley, Rickie Fowler were others). Naturally, Johnny only sees the sunny side. Sam Weinman reports.

"You don't know how long Arnie's going to be around," Miller said. "I knew he's fallen a couple of times, you can see his balance isn't very good. But it was pretty gutsy for him to get up there and hit."

Ever the analyst, Miller noted Palmer's tee shot was a "low, quick hook that almost hit some people." He didn't need to break down Jack Nicklaus' swing since Nicklaus did it for him.

"He said, 'Ah, I hit it off the toe, that's why (Gary Player) outdrove me,'" Miller said of their exchange while walking off the tee. "It's strange because I'm used to these guys being competitive. In my life, that's how I knew them. But time doesn't favor anyone, does it?"