Finchem Rejects Spieth! Match Play To Stay All Match Play

Thank you Twitterers for not hating the match play idea I floated on Morning Drive: treat 0-3 players as missed cuts who don't get paid and earn no points.

I know the precious Hogans and Nelsons of the PGA Tour would love that more than having to play that "meaningless" Friday match. But something tells me Ian Poulter would turn into Marcel Marceau if faced with losing easy World Ranking Points. Come on Tim, float it at the next players meeting!

Meanwhile, I was heartened to hear the Commissioner did not fall under the all-millennial-ideas-are-good-ideas-spell.  Good on the Commissioner for quickly shooting down Jordan Spieth’s suggestion that the WGC Match Play go to three days of stroke play before going  to the low 16. As Friday’s brouhaha proved, match play is a welcome change and one that puts players in a very different mindset than they are used to.

Nick Menta at with the Commish’s remarks to Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller during Sunday’s telecast.