Gary Player Vents On Chambers Bay: "It's actually a tragedy."

Gary Player appeared on Morning Drive and before the legend could be asked a question, he unleashed a rant for the ages on how Chambers Bay is emblematic of a sport that refuses to do anything about a distance chase bifurcating the game, driving up costs and driving down fun.

Granted, the 50th anniversary marking of his Grand Slam-clinching-U.S. Open win is an awkward way to do it, but what Player says is accurate and timely: this is what happens when architects (and developers) have to build for a game that has not regulated equipment closely enough to keep distance from overtaking skill.

He calls the design here a "tragedy," "devastating" and points out that this is not a model for public golf. Considering the severe terrain used here instead of the more traditional ground that could have been used, and he's not incorrect.

And this zinger towards Robert Trent Jones Jr.:

The man who designed this golf course had to have one leg shorter than the other.

There is good news, however: the players who oppose a ball or distance rollback (overwhelmingly), are made to suffer. So there is that.