Stinks Getting Old: Tiger And Rory Texting Over Their Injuries

Not too far removed from two old fogies discussing their hemorroid remedies, it seems Tiger the chiropractor is getting texts from Rory McIlroy asking for rehab advice.

From Steve DiMeglio in USA Today, reporting from St. Andrews where Tiger showed up early to do a clinic...for aspiring golfers.

"He sent me a photo the day he did it. We talked about it for a little bit," Woods told reporters from USA TODAY Sports and on Saturday after spending much of his day with junior golfers to kick off his preparation for the third major of the season. "He said, 'You've been through a lot of injuries over the years,' so he picked my brain a little bit. We had a good talk. He's doing the right thing, taking care of his body first before he gets back out here.”

The doctor has spoken!