2015 PGA Championship Final Round This And That

Just following The Script, two ways! In the form of the single most torturous piece of advertising ever created, all in the name of selling shiny, overpriced man-jewelry. But also in a shiny, overpriced leaderboard that seemed destined for this PGA and, mercifully, that has appeared for the last day of major season.

But first, a word about our friends in the Wisconsin law enforcement community.

I understand that you want to be the Mike Davises of traffic control setup, varying our pathways into the property each day, offering risk and reward, keeping us on our toes by sending us back over the interstate, into into cornfields and past all the signs indicating where we were supposed to go. While it's nice of you to try for day-to-day variety in the setup, you added 20 minutes to an already long commute by directing us to exit 128 only to send us back over the Interstate, prompting (sane) people to ask questions about the very validity of coming to this remote part of your state for a championship. So maybe in 2020 when the Ryder Cup visits, here you can go all Kerry Haigh, stick to your meat-and-potatoes setup plan in advance and devote more time to taking care of your own.

Oh, and next you build an onramp and offramp especially for one week every few years, feel free to use it. Regularly. Signs would be nice too.

As for this year's championship, you all believe it as a two-horse race, with Jordan edging Jason by one percent right now with over 500 votes!

The early conditions suggest more wind than yesterday's tranquil afternoon Rex Hoggard says all signs point to playoff. The forecasters say we might see gusts to 25 from the 2-4 pm hour as the leaders are starting the back nine. The setup looks pretty tough, with no driveable option on the 14th sadly. (I'm guessing the wind would make it tough, even with the tee moved up, making the 326-yard sixth the best driveable option.)

Brian Wacker at PGATour.com focuses on Jordan's love of the moment, sadness that this is it for the major season (yes, I would be too if I were constantly threatening to win them). With a little more breeze, it's hard not to see the young Texan enter the pantheon of greatest sporting achievements ever with a win today.

While Dave Shedoski at Golf World argues that Saturday's explosion of play may have been Spieth's best golf yet this year, and sets us up for a historic day potentially.

Speaking of that, here was the poll post from earlier in the week related to where a Jordan win would fall. A clear majority of you still put Tiger's 2000 far ahead of Jordan winning his third here and Hogan winning three in '53.

In the mix today and not to be forgotten: Martin Kaymer and Branden Grace. No matter how the day plays out for Kaymer, a solid return to the site of his first major win. And for Grace, what a spectacular year in the majors.  Jim McCabe at Golfweek.com with some thoughts on stats on those two.

Justin Rose is lurking but it sure would be nice if he was a stroke closer. Funny how three back looks like a tougher hill to climb than two back, even on this course. Sky Sports with the rare story of how Rose let a fan comment influence his reading of a putt.

"I was kind of mugged a little bit by a fan in the crowd shouting 'everybody has been missing that putt left'. I got up to it and it kind of looked like it could swing quite a bit right to left, and I definitely pushed it a little bit off the blade. I kind of got suckered in to that one a bit."

I followed Tony Finau yesterday and wrote about him for Golf World. What an impressive talent who isn't even driving it as well as he normally does (apparently), but is riding a hot putter. Cameron Morfit also touches on the odd relationship Finau has with cousin Jabari Parker. And if you are interested in more on Finau's rags-to-riches stroy, check out his Golf Digest My Shot in the August issue.

G.C. Digital compiles some excellent stats on all of the leaders worth checking out. Note Day's leading streak in majors, Spieth's putting and Grace's driving.

And it's such a cool place to hang, that both Joel Beall and Steve Hennessey had to cover and expense their fun at the parking lot barnhouse pop-up pub just outside the front entrance. Take that, Woodward and Bernstein.

So here goes, the tee times (much earlier today).

The leaderboard.