FiveThirtyEight: Where Jordan Spieth's 2015 Ranks

On the heels of an assessment by his colleague last week that included all of the 2015 season, Neil Paine of FiveThirtyEight tries to quantify where Jordan Spieth's Win-Win-T4-2 season in the 2015 majors places it amongst the great ones.

Using a metric called z-scores that measure show many standard deviations a player’s score was from the mean the place it fourth behind three Tiger Woods years.

Here's the piece with a searchable list by name of other players in the discussion.

If numbers aren't your thing to put the season into perspective, consider all the scar tissue cases in majors that Karen Crouse of the New York Times compiles in pointing out how hard it is to win a major these days. And then you have Spieth coming along going Win-Win-T4-2. Oops.