Another Golf Movie To Get Our Hopes Up For...

Only to be disappointed? Or, in this case, could there be cause for hope since this is Tommy's Honour (working off of the outstanding book of the same name, minus the u in honour).

John Strege, reading between the lines of an unbylined Southern Reporter story, notes the good and bad. The good? Obviously it's Kevin Cook's remarkable book, which I used to set the table for St. Andrews this summer and which I now recommend as the book to read before making the pilgrimage.

Also good? Sean Connery's son Jason is the vision behind it and brings a love for golf to the table. The filming will largely take place around St. Andrews, too.

The bad?

The primary actors aren't golfers. Usually this is the downfall of all golf movies, but given the strength of the story, the town as a protaganist and the difference in swings then versus now, this could be less of an issue. Or everything.